CAIs - Cold Air Intakes

Dodge Dakota 2004 Quad, 4.7L

Many of the Dodge forums talk about K&N air filters and cold air intakes for improving horsepower and MPG. Also indicate that the CAI is easy to install. Can anyone confirm these are worth the 50 or 60 bucks they cost? Also, are they configured so that they actually get cold air, rather than warm air?

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High performance air filters can let more dirt into your engine:

Many of those CAI kits consist of an un-insulated metal pipe that runs through the hot engine bay. The air might be cooler when it goes into the pipe, but unless the flow rate is high the air gets hot by the time it gets to the other end.

CAI won’t improve MPG under normal conditions because the computer controls the fuel/air ratio and the throttle is the main air restriction except when it’s wide open. What you want to enhance street drivability is more midrange torque, and the CAI won’t help you there either.

They’re a waste of money, as far as mpgs are concerned. They might give some slight benefit to hp at wide open throttle. They have the potential to let through some dirt, and require periodic maintenance. Some claim that over-application of filter oil can damage the EFI equipment. Other than that, they’re great!