Cadillac cruise control module

I have a 1998 Cadillac STS. I’ve owned it 9 years and it is a “cream puff” with only 68,000 miles. Last year the cruise control began cutting out in hot weather–above 70 degrees ambient temperature. This can be triggered with engine heat build up under the hood if the car is parked a short while or while driving in 80-90 degree ambient heat. A Cadillac dealer checked out all the connections and steering column switching, said the problem is inside the cruise control module and that higher ambient engine heat under the hood causes an “open” in the circuitry of the module. A new module (dealer price) is $777.00 not including labor for installation. I got immediate sticker shock! Is there any source other than GM to get a new module without paying this much money? How about a used module? Are there “junk yards” that guarantee their used electronic parts?

Check on line. It appears that Rock Auto Parts has a new AC/Delco cruise control module with solenoid for $403.

Just click through until you find your car. The part is under ‘Electrical’. I’m sure other parts dealers have them, too. Make sure you understand their return and warranty policies.

Check with They rebuild a lot of automotive electronic modules.