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Cruise control

I have a '96 Olds 88. About 300 miles into a recent trip the cruise control started losing speed. If I set it at 75 mph it slowly goes down.

I’ve had 2 GM cars with cruise and they both did the same thing. Eventually they both quit. I never bothered to fix them. There are specialty shops that deal in speedometers, cruise controls, etc. I would go there and ask for an estimate. A dealer will replace everything at some horrendous cost.

If you really need cruise, and aftermarket unit might be the best solution if the shop can’t repair this one.

Good Luck


DEALER is a specialty shop.

better then paying independant lets say 50.00 an hour (they spend 3 hours)on a system they may or ,most of the time dont know and waste peoples money on training themselves on your car hmm!150.00
DEALER 90.00 PER HOUR,and they will nail it within that hour.

man you have issues with the dealer,never know is what it is!(simple math)

BLOOM on the highway (with no cruise)lol!

GOOD LUCK! GM has several TSBS pertaing to cruise dropout.