Cadillac Allante radio question

Is it possible to install an aftermarket system in the dash of an Allante? Crutchfield says nothing will fit. Just wondering if anyone had actually succeeded in replacing the system. From what I know, the original has to be repaired - including amps. Thanks!

If you’re serious about it, an aftermarket system can be installed in anything. It may not be easy or inexpensive, but it can be done. This is how custom installers make their living.

Yes, an audio system installer can put an aftermarket system into any vehicle. However, you may not like the way that it looks afterward.

I suspect that the Allante audio system was unique to that car, and as a result, a “conventional” face plate does not exist for that application. Sure, you can find someone to put a new aftermarket audio system into the car, but it may wind up looking like a blind shoemaker did the job.

Is this what your dash looks like? If so, I’m not surprised there are no replacements. You may want to leave the stock equipment in place and have a remote unit mounted, along with a remote control.

You might find a surplus unit on line. Where have you looked?

P.S. Did you buy the Allante? Well, well, did you buy it?

Oldsfan, do you actually own an Allente, or are you just asking?

The photo provided by Texaes is very helpful. Scary, from an installers point of view, but not impossible.

It won’t be cheap, but it can be done, even by the owner. It’s just a matter of taking your time and deciding what you want, and what you’re willing to modify.

I don’t see a CD slot anywhere. Looks like it might accept a cassette.

You have to provide more info if you’re serious about this.

Come on, now. Why would you ask that kind of question? Oh, yeah…

Still looking for an Allante. Each one I consider has a radio or speaker issue. Just wondering what would need to be done to replace the sound system. Looks like repair is the way to go. Thanks

Buy, oldsfan, buy! We need this vicarious thrill!

Have fun. BTW, I saw some repair sites on the web when I did a web search for ‘Allante radio’. It looks like a thriving business. If you do your homework, you’ll find an excellent repair shop and have a great Allante. Kinda silly, isn’t it? Offering this advice to the Emperor of Homework.

I don’t think “The Club” is really necessary on this car.

I have been in correspondence with the primary repair site (electrical concerns) for the Allante. I will most likely use this service for repairing the sound. I just wondered if there were other options. There is a thriving and very helpful online Allante community, and that always helps a newbie like me. Thanks! Happy Easter to all!

It would be a challenge to install an aftermarket unit in this car, for sure. That dashboard is a good reason to avoid an Allante, in my opinion. When stuff stops working it will be a nightmare.

In general, if Crutchfield doesn’t have a kit you are probably out of luck on an easy swap out. I dug into the Scosche catalog, they have some dash kits/adapters that Crutchfield doesn’t, and even they have nothing listed for the Allante. This would have to be a pure custom job.

Good luck. I hope you find a good repair shop for the stock equipment.

There is a special net for Allante owners…