1996 Ford Taurus radio

I wanted to ask you first before I go to electronics store.

Will a double “din”(?) radio fit in my taurus? I’ve seen the after martket face plates that house the regular rectangle radios and I just don’t like how it looks. I’m too used to a big Ford radio, also like my wife’s expedition.

Even if I modify it, will the double din work in a aftermarket face plate?

Also (two birds with one stone) I would like to put new speakers in my wife’s truck, the Expedition. I’ve heard good things about Boston Acoustics. Polk Audio seems to get good reviews. She would like to keep her radio (it has 6 CD changer) but wants new speakers. Should I run new wires all the way or is factory wires sufficient. We’re not trying to win sound awards, but I want her to have good sound. She doesn’t want SUBS. I have thought about a low wattage AMP for all the speakers. Any thoughts on that? I had a Silverado that had a small amp and for cheap equip. I was very surprised with the sounds!!

Tell me your opinions and WHY you feel that way about certain brands.

Thank you all and have a great day/holidays!!

(by the way, her truck is a '99)


I can’t help you with the Taurus question but replacing the speakers in the Expedition may make a significant difference if you don’t have a premium sound system in it already. The speakers manufacturers you mention are good ones along with Infinity also. They will all have their own sound and the best way to find the one you like best is to go listen to them and compare. Some may have response you like better than the others and you have to be the judge. A good place for help is Crutchfield. They can help you with what will fit and what won’t.

According to the Crutchfield site Double-Din radios will not fit in the Taurus.


By inputting the Year, Make, and model of car, Crutchfield will list the receivers and speaker that fit a particular car.

I don’t recommend a particular brand (I buy whatever is on sale), I’ve had BA and Polk speakers and have been happy with them. Anything Crutchfield sells will be an improvement over OEM speakers. Stick with the factory wiring, Crutchfield supplies speaker and receiver wiring adaptors that plug into the factory harnesses.

Ed B.