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Cabin Fan will not change speed or shut off

I have a 99 Chrysler Concorde with climate control. The cabin fan is running on full speed and will not slow down or stop. I even disconnected the control panel. I have seen some suggestions of replacing the fan blower relay, but in all of my dash dis-assembly, I still have not found it. 2 questions.

Where is the fan blower relay on the concorde?

If the fan blower relay is not the problem anything, is there anything else I should check?

The trouble you are having is most likely due to a shorted speed controller. When they short they allow full power to be applied to the motor. You should be able to find it by following the wires back from the motor. They should tie to the speed controller.

You were right on, I followed the fan wire and found the speed controller. Unfortunately it cost $250 and the dealer ship suggested they run test to confirm that was the problem. Well $78 later it was confirmed. I bought the part and put it in. I guess I will know better next time to trust the advice I get instead of paying $78 to confirm it.

Thanks for your help.