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Cabin Air Filter

Does anybody know if a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport has a Cabin Air Filter? If so where might it be located. Thanks

I don’t think so, but the owners manual would tell you. It would also tell you where it is.

Stop by the dealer or an auto parts store and ask to buy the filter. ?

That does not always work. Back when I had an '87 Buick Century I picked up the specified PCV valve while I was in the parts store (major chain). Turns out the car did not really have a PCV valve. :>)

You might have been sold the wrong PCV valve, but–trust me–all cars sold in the US after a certain date in 1963 have been equipped with a PCV valve.

Some foreign makes (Porsche and BMW come to mind), use a different mechanism that has a different name (but accomplishes the same emissions-related purpose), but all US-manufactured cars since 1963 have been required by Federal law to have a PCV valve.

“Jeep” and “Cabin Air Filter” is almost an oxymoron…