Cabin Air Filter Replacement

My recently purchased 2016 Buick Verano needs the cabin air filter replaced. Aside from removing the glove box, I have to mess with the airbag! (smh)

I just looked at a U tube video. It does seem to be the biggest pain of a cabin filter replacement I have seen, requiring at least 11 screws and bolts of three different sizes , a light bulb and wire, the whole glove box, prying off many clips, and an air bag.
You don’t however have to disturb the wiring or propellant for the aid bag.

Reminds me of why I only ever bought 2 GM cars and will never buy another.

Looks like you have to remove the instrument panel compartment to replace the cabin air filter. That must be where the air bags get involved. The whole cabin air filter replacement job is spec’d at about 3/4 hour, so it doesn’t seem like it is that bad. On a Corolla, probably 15 minutes, but this isn’t a Corolla. Just the air bag thing makes a diy’er nervous, very understandable. since it is billed at 3/4 hour, plus $30 for the filter, I’d be inclined to just let a shop do it for me. Shouldn’t be much more than $100.

Should I have my trusted independent mechanic do the job or should I go to the dealer?

If it is still under warranty, dealer. They’ll probably charge you for this, not a warranty item. If warranty has expired, trusted inde mechanic.

Good grief. Makes me realize how great it is that I can so easily access and change the cabin air filter myself in my 2014 Camry in just a few minutes.

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Still under warranty. My mechanic approved the purchase and has serviced the car. Planning on the mechanic changing the brake fluid.

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