Cabin Air Fans Occasionally Inop + Other Recent Oddities


I’ve had a slew of weird things happen in my car recently, I struggle to believe they’re all related but I’ll list them out just in case.

First - the Cabin Air doesn’t alway work. It’s not the AC itself - if I turn the dial for the air control I can tell it’s registering - the light for the AC comes on, and the button for the defroster which is also on that dial works - but sometimes the air blows and sometimes it doesn’t. It’ll work perfectly fine, then when I turn the car off to run and get my kid from daycare, it’ll stop working when I start the car again. Then 5 minute into our ride home, the air will magically work again.

Second - the back passenger door lock occasionally doesn’t work with the other doors. If I use my key fob to unlock the door, I’ve had 2-3 instances where this door doesn’t unlock. The lock itself isn’t giving me any challenges when I move it manually, and if I use the button to unlock the doors from the driver’s seat, it hasn’t given me any trouble.

Third - I noticed that when I use the key fob to lock the doors in the car, it doesn’t give me the BEEP that it has for the last 9 years. It’s not the horn blowing, it’s that high pitched BEEP when you lock it and BEEP BEEP when you unlock it. It gives me the BEEP BEEP upon unlocking every time, it has now stopped giving me the BEEP upon locking consistently.

The only reason I list all 3 of these together is maybe there’s something wrong with a computer that’s linking all of these? They’re 3 pretty unrelated issues (and really only 1 of them matters), but I thought I’d come ask this forum before I go to get an old priest and a young priest.


A BCM can cause those problems.


as far as the cabin air working sometimes it could be the blower motor going bad. it would do it with the heat on too. if you can get to it try wrapping it the next time it wont go on. if it starts working it is probably the blower motor. just out of curiosity does it make any noise when it goes on or shuts Off? and do you have a check engine light on?

  1. The blower motor is failing.

  2. The right rear door lock actuator is failing (common).

  3. The beep is confirmation that the doors have locked. With the failing door lock actuator(s), the latch may not be completely locked. After replacing the door latch the beep will return.

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