C.a.r.b front catalytic converter

I meant that on Rock Auto they have the part I need but with the emission group number not the same as the one I need

Finding repair tools in used cars is a pretty common thing. The one in the link below was in the car for the better part of the century.

Sorry your version of this cost you $1000. On the upside, it does make for an interesting story. Many folks had Covid-related car issues. Seemed to be especially a problem in Calif, where the politicians seemed reluctant to make common sense accommodations for the unique situation. My own Corolla was forced off the road for over 3 years due to Calif emissions testing Covid issue, something that could have easily been accommodated for. I had a truck to drive instead, so it didn’t cause me too much grief fortunately. Hard to explain how driving a truck instead of a Corolla could help with Calif emissions though

I live in Ren Nevada

How do you know that is the one you need? Where did you get that number?

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Is the car Nevada-registered? If so, how is Calif involved?

If you live in Calif and you buy a car in Nevada you have to pay a big fee to then register it in Calif. Presumably b/c Calif dealership don’t want Calif residents to do that. But it would seem Nevada dealerships would think the same. Isn’t there some sort of disincentive for Nevada residents buying car in Calif then registering in Nevada?

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If you register the vehicle in Nevada, you won’t need a C.A.R.B. certified catalytic converter.

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The car seems to have California emissions . . . ?

We’d better hope that an aftermarket non-CARB cat is good enough that it won’t generate a P0420 and MIL

I have seen instances where an incorrect . . . . for the application . . . cat was installed and the result was P0420 and the MIL illuminated within a very short period of time

Did you file a police report for the theft of the catalytic converter?
If so, will your insurance not cover the replacement?

On Chevrolets if you open the hood you will see under the hood a plate and it has the emission information it will show you the state the car was made at and the emission group number for you Catalytic converter.

Yes I will need a C.A.R.B Compliance Catalytic converter in order to pass smog. Since March of 2023 𝑵𝒆𝒗𝒂𝒅𝒂 and 9 other states decided to do what California has been doing. So my car computer wont read the catalytic converter right my check engine light will stay on and it won’t be Abel to pass smog. If I get a none C.A.R.B Catalytic converter.

I had bought one in Auto zone in Nevada just to find out it was the wrong one. It was not C.A.R.B Compliance. My engine light was on and it was giving me a P0420.

Frustrating problem I know, but I think you’ll get a better results to ask the best local shop in your town for a quote to replace the cat , being sure to use a product that’s compliant with your state’s emissions regulations. Once you get that price info, then you have a basis for making the decision to keep & fix vs selling/junking the car. If you want to do the actual replacement yourself, ask if they’ll supply the correct part. You need some local expertise & assistance in other words.