C.a.r.b front catalytic converter

I am having a hard time looking for a front California C.A,R.B compliance catalytic converter with the emission group family number DGMXV03.6048. for a 2013 Chevrolet impala LTZ. Chevrolet dealer by me is asking for $2500 and that’s just for the part. If I cant find one i could afford i am going to have to sell it. The car is a good working car that had a new engine put in and I don’t want to let it go. If some one knows were I can find one please let me know. Thank you

Have you already tried to find it at these vendors’s websites?

  • Rock Auto
  • EBay
  • Summit Racing

Replacement cats meeting CARB specs do seem to be quite pricey by the comments we get here . I’d be surprised if you can find one for less than $1500. Would a $1000 difference change your mind of selling the car? Some emissions components are warranted for quite a long time, suggest to check that issue w/dealership

Another idea, the forum search feature might turn something up. . Link upper right, this page. Best of luck.

Do you know why the cat failed?




Yes they have what I need but the emission group number is not the same the one they have is this one Front Right; w/ California Emissions; Engine Family Number: DGMXJ03.6166. The emission group number foe the one I need is DGMXV03-6048. Does it matter that the group numbers don’t match?

No idea, I’ve never had to face this particular emissions-related problem. So far at least. Maybe somebody here knows. Otherwise you’ll have to bite the bullet and phone CARB. If you expect some unpleasantness from the experience, yet don’t get any, seems better than to be surprised. If you just can’t face that phone call, another idea is to visit an emissions testing shop. they are the ones who’ll be looking at the numbers, so they have to know. Not sure if they’ll help you proactively though; for help you may have to have already started the testing process.

My car window was broken and some one tried stealing the car they tried to crack the steering column. They could not hot wire the car because It has a anti theft device. So they opened up the hood and took the front catalytic converter. They did not know what they where doing there was no wires in the column cut thank God and I was able to snap it back together.

As I understand it, California requires the car to pass emissions before you can sell it. Unless you sell it out of state.

That’s actually good news (given the theft can’t be reversed). It means once you find a replacement you don’t have to worry the new one will be damaged by an existing engine fault.

Who would I call. DMV told me to call one of the smog places that works with them. So I did. They told me to call a Chevrolet Dealer so I did they only told me that the part would cost me $2500 and that is not even with what there going to charge me for labor.

Here’s the CARB’s listing of compatible converters:
Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Database

Exactly what does that mean? They said if I did not buy the right one that my computer would not be able to read it…

If I had that problem I wouldn’t call anybody. I’d visit my local emissions testing shop I’ve used for years, and ask them. As you’ve already discovered, it’s too easy to get the run-a-round on the phone. .

Calif emissions testing process has a cost-limit provision. You might be able to figure it out by searching the DMV website. In my experience however their search function doesn’t work very well. Turns up numerous non-related links, while not offering up the one you need. It might better to use Google for that search.

The computer doesn’t read anything from the cat.

Do you mind if I told you the story behind this car. I really think I am going to have to sell it; I wont get what I paid for it but It’s leaving me no choice… let me know if you want to hear the story and you can even give me your opinion in what you would do.

Why do you say that? The CARB databases lists DGMXJ03.6166

Texas’s comment above is spot on, that the car’s computer doesn’t have the ability to tell if a replacement cat is the CARB-correct part number. But the car’s computer does test the cat’s function as you drive by monitoring the pre- and post- O2 sensor outputs . Maybe that is what they mean; i.e. if the cat is the wrong one, the computer’s test will fail and turn on the CEL.

OP, suggest to clarify who “they” are, and which computer they are referring to? The emissions testing shop probably uses a computer database to verify the part number is CARB compliant.

Car Talk is based on folks telling stories about their cars. Suggest to post your story. I expect the caller’s were told before being placed on the show by the show’s producer to keep the stories brief. Seems a good idea.

In 2021 when covid was making my life mislabel I went to Sacramento California to a car dealer in north gate. I seen this 2013 impala and liked it he had just pulled in because he had just finished putting a new engine in. I took it for a drive ran like a champ I paid $4500. Drove it home to Reno Nevada had no problems before leaving Sacramento I took it to jiffy Lube and that was that drove it local here in reno for about two weeks well I was planning on going back to Sacramento and I decide to check the transmissions oil was n not sure if it was done when i took it to jiffy lube so I checked it and it was good but I seen a small screwdriver in the engine so I pulled it out when I went to start the car I noticed that when I put it in reverse it made a loud sound and notice that it did not show me that it was in reverse on the dash board long story short the screwdriver i pulled out as up against the plug that goes’ from the computer to the transmission. that repair cost me $1000

The dealer told me to tow it back that he would fix it but the tow would of cost me even more. After that was diagnoses with cancer just finished my chemo and radiation and I am trying to get this car fixed to be able to get it register and about a month ago they broke in to it and now i find my self in this situation. I love this car It runs like a champ no problem other than what I told you so that’s why I think I am probably going to have to sell it wont get back what I paid or put in to it but some one will be lucky after they do get the part and see that its a good car I just cant afford paying so much for the part.

By the way thank you so answering my post and sharin.g your info with me. Have a nice rest of your day

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