Catalytic converter

Does anyone know what a fair price would be to replace a catalytic converter on a 2003 Chev. Silverado 4X4 with a V8 5.3 engine?

I think you’re not getting responses because the truth is that the price will vary widely depending on where you go and on your local shop rates. Dealerships are generally twice the price of reputable independent shops. Avoid chains whenever possible.

Some might be wondering why you feel you need a new cat converter. I know I am.
Some may be wondering if you have more than one cat converter. I suspect you do.

Have you asked around?

If memory serves me correctly, this truck has to have the whole front pipe replaced since the converters are built into it. Universals won’t work; not enough room plus the risk of getting a check engine light. The aftermarket most likely doesn’t make this one yet, so anywhere you go the part will come from the dealer. I’ve done two of those, one on a half ton 5.3, the other on a 6.0 3/4 ton. Both ran about $1000 parts and labor(the 6.0 may have been closer to $1200). I think GM got those converters from the same place they got the ones on the 3.8 Impalas (a little tongue-in-cheek humor there).

With respect, I’d definitely check for an aftermarket assembly first. What you’d be looking for is a “direct fit” replacement. It’s 6 years old, so there may be one out there.

Doesn’t it have an 80,000 miles, 8 year warranty?
Do you trust whoever made the diagnosis that they did so after performing the appropriate tests? If so, have the causes, problems in the engine, been remedied, so that a new catalytic converter(s) won’t be similarly harmed?

There’s two cats on your truck. One on each Y-pipe. And looking at a direct fit replacement on the net, I can’t see no reason why a universal type cat can’t be welded into the Y-pipe. This is lot cheaper alternative.