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C-280 with Emissions Problems

Hi - I’ve got big trouble in VA. I have a 1996 Silver C-280 with 138,000 miles and cannot get it to pass VA emissions. From April 2011 to Feb 2012, the engine light was on, but I was in grad school (no extra cash). After grad school, I moved to VA and had needed work done (Feb 2012) at a local independent shop. The work performed cost $1500 - oil change, wheel alignment, lower control arm bushings and fuel hose. They also scanned the computer but did not report any problems and engine light no longer on. Car passed inspection.

When I went to get emissions passed, car would not register (not ready) in 3 areas - Catalyst, Sec. Air System, and EGR System. I was told keep driving the car and it should reset. I have driven the car over 3,000 MILES and had it tested 7 times - still the same problem. I have been to Mercedes Benz 2x’s only to be told to keep driving the car. Problem is… tags have expired and cannot renew until this gets resolved; as of yesterday, 6/2/2012, I received an $85 ticket for driving on DEAD TAGS. I am desperate to get this resolved. I don’t want to sell or trade because the car runs beautifully and is in fantastic condition!
PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks, Nancy (not a mechanic, except in my dreams)

when I had the very same problem with my Explorer a quick look at the FACTORY “engine controls” wiring diagram told me that i needed to see if the horn was working. It was’nt.

The horn & the Kam (keep alive memory) for the PCM (power control module) were wired to the same fuse & the fuse was blown. Replaced the fuse & drove it a few days, and then passing Cal. emmisions was no problem.

Your radio works the same way. When you turn the key off the KAM circuit holds the station settings in memory.

Scan thru the fuse list in your owners manual is there a listing for anything relating to 'PCM" or “memory” or “KAM”

Yes indeed…Check carefully for a blown fuse…

Thanks for your wisdom 87_Ranger and Caddyman. I will talk to my mechanic about this…

God luck with it & keep us posted