I need to know how to fix something on my car a.s.a.p

how do you set cpm on a 1996 ford plus contour?

More information please.

Sounds like a coded message for CIA field agents, there might be something they forgot to delete.

Thank God I’m not the only one who has no idea what he’s talking about.

Cost per mile? cyles per minute?

Crank position (monitor?) compass point _____?

computer _____ memory? car’s powertrain monitors?

_____ per minute?

_____ powertrain module?

_____ per mile?

cents per mile?

I’m lost, mimi42- throw some light, what?

are you afraid to ask the dealer? is this cookies per miles, you know we are dum lets us know. like my car is blue can any one help me
with a noise some place that I hear some times when I drive up hill only in ohio.

Gee wiz, mimi42, you said you needed advice ASAP. It’s been 19 hours since the first post. Post back w/a better description of what you need- we won’t bite! P.S: Do you watch old Batman re-runs on TV?

Could this person be referring to the maintainance indicator light that comes on when you’re ready for your next oil change?

(come in for?) periodic maintainance?

customer periodic maintainance?

costly periodic maintainance? HAHAHA gOD, i GIVE UP.

You conflagrate the cable to the toroidal flux monitor. Be sure the impulse core is transponding before you do this. And wear gloves.

I’m going to take a wild guess here and think you meant RPM and not “CPM”. If this is the case there is no adjustment for RPM. It is adjusted by the ECM. If you are having problems with the engine not ideling then I’m guessing it could be your IAC Valve.

That’s what I was thinking but “c” isn’t near “r” on computer keypad, but it’s still maybe the best guess. I wish we could channel those British WWII code breakers for help on this. COME ON, MIMI42, TAKE A BREAK FROM WRAPPING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND CLUE US IN- WE WON’T BE MAD!

Maybe Santa could figure this out.

3 days and you still won’t tell us! That’s quite an ASAP.

cpm, children punching mommy??? well, usually seatbelt them in, standard in said car. if that doesnt work, take their gifts back or switch to celebrating Canada Boxing Day, where you actually GIVE STUFF AWAY rather than receive. Its a good trend.