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Bypassing transfer case with strait drive shaft to have a 2wd

I have a 95 Dakota 4wd with a 318 motor. My transfer case exploded recently and evidently that particular transfer case was only in production for a short time and is very hard to find. Meanwhile I am missing work because I work construction on the road. My idea was to measure from the tranny spline to the rear axle spline and put a strait drive shaft connecting them to give me a working 2wd so I can return to w ok to and out 2 transfer case at my leisure. Does this seem like a good idea, boo

You need a driveshaft with 2 universal joints in it . see if one from a 2 wheel drive of the same wheelbase will fit. I don’t know if a Dakota uses a center carrier bearing, If you can’t find the right length, find a longer on and have it cut welded and re-balanced.

You’ll need a 2wd transmission to do that.

the tail shaft is different on the 2 transmissions.

The only way to change tail shaft and output shaft would require total disassembley of the transmission

There are 2 95’s near me. A 94 and 96 also. It’s mn so I assume they are 4wd