Bypass Relief Valve or Not?

Ok here is an interesting one (for me). I had a reman 5.3 engine installed on my 04 Tahoe. I am keeping old motor for rebuild / swap project.

Anyway reman shop installed a high flow oil pump. So my oil pressure runs 60-70psi. Not the normal factory 40psi. Reman shop wants it that way and owns the 3 year warranty on it.

GMTruck blog techs indicate some concern around oil filter bypass relief valve. Will increase pressure cause my filter valve to open and bypass? I use ACdelco PF46E filters and have now learned they don’t have a bypass relief valve. Tech at dealership indicated relief valves only needed for high oil pressure engines like Corvettes, etc. Now I am thoroughly confused on WTF to do?

  1. Nothing. Keep using PF46E filters.
  2. Change to a filter with a BRV.

I am going to call reman shop and get direction from them. But does anyone with experience with oil pressure and oil filter BRV valves have any I do to share?

I would do what ever the reman shop says to do, only way to keep the warranty.

If filters are replaced regularly there shouldn’t be any problem with pressure opening the by-pass valve but I don’t understand why anyone would want to increase the pressure from OE design.

Agreed on the why would they not use standard pressure pump. Not sure if you know about pumps but apparently high rpm applications like Camaro, Corvettes, or folks upgrading engines for more horsepower (turbo, supercharger, etc) usually require higher oil pressure. 10 psi per 1K of RPM.
So many shops put in a high pressure spring into the pump.

Anyway I am probably fine but am trying to ensure 100% this is not causing any problems. Many techs on blogs say they don’t like it, that they would cha get it, but I can’t so now I am trying to learn more about it. Is it fine? Or would higher pressure Ops the filter bypass?

Sounds like not, but if I keep using the same ACdelco filter it won’t have it anyway.