Buzzy Hybrid

Back in 2016 I looked at two used cars to replace the one totaled by some goof who thought his cell phone was more important than paying attention to the road. (My then Fusion became an Escort is size.) One was a Fusion Hybrid, the other an MKZ Hybrid. Both were so noisy and buzzy I got a standard MKZ instead. Well, I decided to look at a Ford Escape SEL Hybrid, There was no doubt when the engine kicked in. I kept looking up to see if I was about to be strafed by a Jug. Are all hybrids this noisy or hasn’t Ford learned how to install sound insulation? Is the Titanium version any quieter?

Go drive one and you will have your answer .

They’re rarer than a virgo in a cathouse.

My brother’s Toyota Avalon Hybrid is incredibly quiet. No buzzing, or any other annoying noises.

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