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Buying vehicle with an existing lien

Thinking of Ford Ranger that has the title held by a mortgage co. Seller says to make the certified check out to Cap One and the title will be mailed in 10 days. He can provide a bill of sale in the meantime. Is this ok?

Generally, I believe Asian cars are now both more reliable and longer lasting that US designed vehicles, although US cars have made considerable progress lately…

Of my personal experience, for the first 100,000 miles for each vehicle, here are the results:

  1. Nissan Sentra, 18 trips for repairs, 11 items replaced

  2. Dodge Dart, 39 trips for repairs, 24 items replaced

  3. Ford Granada, 56 trips to shop, 15 items replaced

  4. Chev Impala (1984), 22 trips to shop, 13 items replaced

  5. Chevy Caprice (1988), 33 trips to shop, 14 items replaced

None of the above for for things like oil changes. Note that the Chevy Impala compares closely with the Sentra. Of the above cars, the Granada with a 351 Windsor engine was a real dog! I sold it with only 108,000 miles on it.

You should contact the lien holder to verification. Their rules may differ from anyone’s here.

Docnick, did you mean to respond to another thread?

Chaissos is VERY correct…Your seller DOES NOT OWN THE VEHICLE AND HAS NOTHING TO SELL!! Contact the lien-holder directly and find out the procedures THEY use. DEALERS can do this easily, but it can be tricky between two private parties…You can be left holding the bag in the paperwork shuffle…

Too much hassle and paper work involved. Call the mortgage holder for the balance of the loan for the truck. Most likely the owner got a home equity loan and the cost of the truck got rolled into his home mortgage and he’s royally screwed himself over it.

Thanks for your advice, will contact lien holder.