Sold a car with a lien, trying to fix it where they will be able to get the title in their name

Yesterday evening I sold a car, while I was selling it I forgot that I have a lien on the car. This morning I notified the person I sold the car to, and explained that I forgot there was a lien and I told them would meet with them to give their money back, and to get the car, if we had too. I did not do it on purpose, which is why I notified them right away as soon as I remembered. They told me that they replaced a burnt out headlight, and already put insurance on the car, and I would not get the car back till they get all of there money back, even for the headlight, and insurance. They told me if I had a problem with it then I would have to talk to the military police, the extra money totaled to 80 dollars, 20 for the one headlight, and 60 for insurance. They told me if I wasn’t there tonight they were going to call the authorities and see what they can do since I was attempting to fraud a military person and they have access to lawyers and will use them and will take everything I have. And I told them I would come get the car tomorrow, cause that’s when one of my friends can go with me. I just wish there was a rewind button and remember I had lien. But my thing is, I didn’t do it on purpose, I notified them right away, told them I will come get it. I was just wondering can I still get in trouble? I didn’t spend any of the money I still have their money, plus the extra they say I own them.

Oh man. Your obligation is to provide a clear title to the buyer so that a title can be issued in the buyer’s name. All you have to do is take the money you got, go to the lien holder and pay it off. Then get the lien release. Give the lien release to the buyer so that they can get clear title. Cars are traded all the time with liens on them and the dealers pay them off is all. Why are you trying to get the car back?

Yes they have access to military lawyers but they are just concerned that military personnel aren’t taken advantage of by local yokels. In fact the lawyers will help you get the lien released. No big deal.


Unfortunately, service members get taken advantage of financially quite frequently

It was your mistake and for a measly 80 bucks you should eat the cost and be done with the car; unless there is some unstated, underlying reason why you seem to want the car back so badly.

Why not just pay the lien off and hand them the release while throwing in the 80 bucks for the inconvenience that you’ve put them through because of your mistake.

Now you talk about going and getting the car tomorrow and taking a friend along. This leads me to think you’re omitting some of the story.

I think they meant to say they forgot they had guns and drugs stashed in the frame rails of the car and need it back to get it out… joking… well maybe, whats the whole story?

Work with them to get the lien off. If your being truthful with us, then it sounds like your trying to do the right thing. Explain it to the “authorities”, I mean your being honest about it…

Maybe the lien is for more than the OP got for the car…

I think the car is gone, go to the lien holder and pay off the lien. Get a signed “notarized” document showing the lien is paid and give the document to the buyer, make and keep a copy for yourself.

If you can’t clear the lien, then you owe the buyer the $80.

I tried to buy a car but seller said no title cuz there was a lien. Good price. Whole car. No title. Is seller walking away from loan?

What type of lien is so easily forgotten?

I used the car as collateral, and the total cost of the lien is 1,500. Which its all paid off but like a few hundred dollars. And l explained that l would go to the bank and release them
the right documents. And they took it as I’ll.release the payments to them,
.and they don’t want any thing to do with the car. And that is the whole story, l have to wait for someone to go withe cause it’s an hour and half drive.

I went to look at a car that was in great shape, but still had a lien on it.

Since I had cash with me, we went together to the seller’s credit union (they had the lien) and I physically watched him pay it off.

All went smoothly and I received the clean title shortly thereafter.

There is no details missing, they brought the car on a Friday night therefore l couldn’t go to the bank. But I’m going Monday, which then the title will be in there name. They just want nothing to do with the car now, it would be easier just to go to the bank and release it in their name then to drive the total about 4 hours. I just don’t want to drive and they not want to give the car back, or find out they did something.


At this point, it might be best to give them the money back and take the car home again

Also give them the $80 for those repairs

No harm, no foul . . . as if nothing happened

No offense to you, but I can’t really blame them for being cautious at this point

I understand there stand point. But, once tomorrow comes I’ll go to the bank explain what happened, either they will release it, which then it will be a done deal. All else fail I’ll have to drive there and return their money. It will just cost more driving there, using gas for two cars, plus the 80 they say I owe them.

Get the lien released and the appropriate documents to prove that the lien is satisfied. You will need this whether the current buyers keep the car or not. Perhaps you can fax them or email them a copy of the lien release and they will be satisfied and you can mail it to them and avoid the drive.

Well tell you the truth, I really don’t see the problem. In Minnesota you get the title document regardless-it just says if a lien is on the car and who it is. You can still sell it, but you can’t clear the title until the lien is released. Not a big deal.

The thing is, they bought the car. You’re going to the bank and they will give you a “lien release”. Make a copy, but give it to them. Deal done. You don’t have to take the car back or go get it. They bought it and you are giving them clear title. End of story. The only one tht might get a little excited is the bank but you’re going there to take care of it any way. What if the guy trashed the transmission or something?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is a lien?

A lien is a money claim that someone has against a piece of property. They have a claim on the property. Its usually enforced by not being able to sell a car, house, etc. until it is paid. If you finance a car, the bank has a lien on the car for the amount borrowed. When it is paid off, they send you a release of the lien that then is used to get a new title docment showing clear title with no one else having a claim on the car.

Ahhh. Okay. Thanks for the info @Bing.

All said and done now, I got the lien release today with out any troubles. My biggest concerne was the other party, when I was trying to explain to them that I was getting the lien off. Cause the thought I was still making payments for the car, even though we explained it was just a lien to get a loan. Which they were saying they didn’t want the car anymore due to it being on a lien.