Buying used jeep

i’m looking to buy a used 1998 jeep with 150,000 miles on it. too many miles?

Depends upon condition, service history and price.


To little information. What do you expect from this Jeep? If reliable, dependable, and no repair bills is your expectation; not happening with a Jeep with 150K miles. Any 12-13 year old car will is facing significant repairs, and Jeep’s are worse than average. The 150K miles depends on how the vehicle was maintained by previous owner’s. At this age and miles it is likely there have been several owners. Owner’s of new cars take care of them generally, owners of 12 year old cars are more likely driving the car into the ground.

If you buy it, figure on spending $2,000 to 3,000 in the 1st year or two on repairs. Transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials are prone to failure at this age. Then there are alternators, radiators, heater cores, AC compressors, AC evaporators, and you get the picture.

thanks for the response. perfect analysis. looking for dependability - car for my child. not interested in dumping more money. asking price is $2900.

Just to be a wise guy, I guess you’re looking to buy a few headaches. Any 1998 car is a reliability crap shoot, but in this case Jeeps weight the dice a little more against you.
It’s not the miles as much as it is prior maintenance and it’s a “Jeep.”