Is $2900 a fair price for 1999 Jeep

I’m trying to sell my 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4X4 Classic - it has a bad wheel barring, a cracked mirror on the passenger side, the trunk latch is loose and will not open, a possible oil pan leak - with some little scratches here and there but overall looks fine with no tears in the upholestry. Oh yes, 174,000 miles with only minor routine repairs & upkeep. Do you think this is a good deal as the car is going to need things soon? Thanks for any suggestions.

I think it’s good. I also think that when someone comes along and offers you 2500 for it, you should take the money and run.

i think you already know the answer.

if you were honest with ANY potential buyer, and let them know of these defects, would ANYONE buy it at any price??? now how about buying a used jeep, which are susceptible to transmission problems at your mileage, with the other issues?

from another point, why not fix it, and keep driving it?

Thanks for the reponses - oh, and I have been honest about it - I wouldn’t know any other way. Thanks again. I just don’t know a lot about cars and wanted to make a good decision.

Take the money with glee and make sure you have a bill of sale stating as-is.

I think it may depend on your location. A few years ago I sold a 97 Grand Cherokee 4x4 with 202k miles on it for $3200.00, and it had a cracked exhaust manifold. They are pretty popular in the east, which is why I was able to get the book value for it. The problems you describe are small, so if I was the buyer it wouldn’t scare me at all.

You did not tell us what options you have. Without options, your truck is worth about $1400-$1500 according to Edmunds. The largest deduction is $1500 for high mileage. There may be about $1000 of work required to repair the issues you mentioned, maybe more. Take it to a used car dealer and see what they offer for it. I sold a 1996 Windstar to CarMax and thought I got a good deal. If there is a CarMax near you, try it. You are not obligated to sell the car to them (any dealer) if they make an offer, nor are you required to buy from them if you sell to them. You want to know what the truck is worth, so don’t get wrapped up in the great “deal” they want to give you if only you buy from them. Get your information and think about it.