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Buying Parts

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy parts online, including manuals, which I have not been able to find for my 1990 Mercedes 190E 6-Cyl. 2.6L

Try ebay.

Rock Auto is one resource:

I’ve purchased used manuals from

I’m sure a copy of Hemming’s Motor News would have lots of parts suppliers for older MB vehicles.

I realized that the only key that was given to me only works the ignition; not the doors, trunk or glovebox. Any ideas on how to rectiy this? Do I need to go to the dealer? Thanks.

I’ve used Rockauto too. Used factory manuals are hard to come by although I did find one on ebay. Mostly what they have is the less than desireable Chiltons.

If you can take one of the lock cylinders out, just take it to a lock smith and they should be able to make a key. The factory manual would also give you the tumbler numbers to be able to get a key made once you had the cylinder out.

The factory service manual for that chassis should still be available from MBUSA. It’s head and shoulders better than Haynes or Bentley or others. Genuine MB parts are available at good prices from several Internet sources ( and are two choices).

I believe some have said MB dealerships can order parts, even for those older vehicles. While they may be expensive, if you need some hard to find parts, that’s the place to look