Buying Discontinued Model

Should I even consider a model (2006 Ford Focus wagon) discontinued after the 2007? In future, might I have difficulties getting parts or finding a mechanic to service it without costing a bundle? I hope to keep it at least 5 years. Any guidance for this retiree would be greatly appreciated.

There won’t be a problem getting it serviced or parts at all. First off the Focus shares it’s parts with many other cars by Ford…They also share parts with other years too. It won’t be a problem.

They have made millions of them, parts and service will be no problem…

You’ve got a stream of parts for that thing for at least the next 15 years easily. Manufacturers make money off of parts and there’s no shortage of Focus’s running around. If I can get parts for a 1975 FIAT within 3 days you’re gonna be able to find parts for that car as long as you own it.