Buying a used lotus



any one know if a used elise would be problematic? i’m looking at 05’s - 07.


Though they use a version of the Toyota 1.8 liter engine, it is substantially modified.
I’d be most worried about being able to get parts and good support from a well-informed mechanic.
Find out where you can get maintenance, what the mechanics charge per hour, how much parts cost, how readily they are available, etc. before you buy, especially if you’re not just buying this as a sunny weekend/track day car.


Unless you have a local Lotus dealership, getting parts will be a struggle. And know that the Elise is not designed as a reliable daily driver. It’s a track racer in street clothing. A wonderful one to be sure.

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And remember that these cars are meant to be raced, and most of them are. Factor that into your decision.

That said, awesome car!


It’s a LOTUS. Of course it will be problematic.


Check prices for the used ones. I’m sure it’s probably pretty close to a brand new one’s price.
Sports cars are definitely a crap shoot when buying used. The only Mustang, Camaro, Trans Am, Corvette, etc you’ll find me buying used are from the 60s.


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Thanks Joe. I’ve been in and out these past months due to health issues (busted ticker), but hopefully I’ll be around a long time.


The Lotus is a great toy! Why are you concerned about reliability? There’s only room for you and your navigator anyway.


Yes mountainbike it is good to see you back on the board. Your advice is appreciated. Sorry to hear about the ticker hope all is well.


Although there is some good feedback about part availability here. Otherwise no one here actually owns a modern Lotus to let you know how the car will be.

I would go specifically to a Lotus Elise forum (google that) and ask. Owners will give you the skinny and possibly local mechanics competent at working on these cars.


of all the comments, that one is one that helps the most. I just did not want to get involved in a nightmare. And to all those who told me It was not a good idea to use it as a everyday driver…I say “duh”… who would


I probably would. :stuck_out_tongue:
If I spent 40~60k on something that’s just gonna sit there, I’d buy a house.