High Maintenance?

I am thinking of buying a Lotus Elise. When I checked Consumer Reports it said it is high maintenance but did not say why. Since it has a Toyota drivetrain why should that be? Since the price goes from $48,000-$85,000 what options do you suggest I get? Can I get a gauge package?(oil temp,oil pressure, coolant temp, voltmeter).

The drive train is a highly tuned Toyota unit. With a horsepower increase of 43%, it will put more strain on the drive train. Also, you are likely to drive an Elise a lot harder than you would drive a Corolla. Both use a 1.8L Toyota engine, but for different purposes. Go here and check out what is available on the Elise or Exige. You should get most of your questions answered.

It’s all the stuff around the Toyota engine that can be high maintenance. Just like old Jaguars - it’s not the engines that caused most of the problems, it’s everything else. You might want to find a Lotus forum for advice on options, not too many Lotus drivers around here!


There are quite a few of them on E-bay…They sell for $20-$30K or they don’t sell…

Is your plan to track race or auto-rx the car? If not I would suggest looking at used as you may tire very quickly of it. It is an awful daily driver but incredible for its purpose.

I agree with andrew here . . .the limited space, driving position, harsh ride, loud exhaust, etc of an “almost” race car will grow old as a daily driver very fast. But like Ferris Bueller says: “If you have the means . . . I suggest that you pick one up”. Rocketman