Buying a used car


I’m shopping for a cheap, reliable used car. I’ve got $3,000 (and I’d love to spend less if I could). Any suggestions for a mid to late 90s American car. I’ve checked out Hondas and Toyotas, but most that I have found in my price range have very high miles or are older than I’d like. Help? Thanks,



Taurus, Impala, Crown Vic, Mark VIII.
In that price range though, condition is more important than brand. Take it to a mechanic and have them give it an inspection before you buy it. Nothing worse than blowing the piggy bank only to need a new transmission a month later


If you are looking for a midsize sedan, go for the Taurus. You can find models from the last decade for less than $3K, because so many of them were dumped on rental lots.