Buying a Radiator for Honda

I need to buy one and was told of brands like CSF, Visteon etc.

What might be a good brand - I might keep the Car for another 4 yrs. Worried about the plastic component that notoriously cracks!

Is it possible to buy used original radiators - where from - tried the local wrecker they didn’t have any nor could get one for me.

A year and model would be helpful. But never ever buy a used radiator, ever. Just go to your local Autozone, Checker or whatever it may be and buy one of theirs. One from the dealer will be as “original” as it gets, but it probably isn’t worth the cost.

I actually had to replace the radiator on a 1995 Honda Civic EX a few years ago and had a good chat about radiator options with a local Honda only repair shop. He said in his experience that if you’re only going to keep the car 1-2 years more and sell it go with a replacement from Autozone or similar parts shop. However, if you plan on keeping the car longer than that the original equipment radiator is far superior in durability and life expectancy and would be his choice. Keep in mind this man has worked on thousands of Honda’s at this point.

A radiator from Autozone isn’t going to reduce the life of your vehicle. Also, you can get a radiator from many big box parts stores with a lifetime warranty…so you can’t really go wrong. You will not get a OE Honda radiator with a meaningful warranty. I am completely in favor of OE parts where warranted, but a radiator isn’t one of those parts if the price gap is huge. So if Brand X radiator costs $120 and a Honda costs $300…go with Brand X.

The last two times I replaced a radiator I called the different places in the yellow pages. Prices for a brand new unit ranged from $295 to $125 uninstalled. I bought the $125 one and it was all copper and first class quality.

Shop around. Prices vary widely.

I didn’t say it would reduce the life of the vehicle, I just stated that the build quality of the factory radiator is superior to the aftermarket units. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer with time and patience and don’t mind replacing an aftermarket radiator that has a warranty down the road fine, but most want to do it once and forget it.