93 Legacy Radiator replacement

The local car scrap yard has 1990 and 91s on hand. Are their radiators compatable to swap out with my 93’s?

Why would you buy a scrap radiator. You never know if the fluids were changed when the car was running. How long it sat in the junk yard. If it leaks or will leak soon under pressure. It is not a risk I would take with that old of a car.

I agree. Just get an aftermarket one. I’ve had really good success with radiators.com

I agree, I would NEVER do all the work to swap one out for a used radiator. They deteriorate (plug/corrode/plastic crack) over time, a 1990 radiator is 24 years old! An antique!

I’d check at local parts houses and at rockauto.com.

The OP can count me as one more vote for buying an aftermarket replacement.

Buying a junkyard radiator?
You can’t afford to save money that way.