After market radiator

I need to replace the radiator on my '94 Camry DX, 4 cyl. Any recommendations on a reliable brand for an after-market fit? Also, I’m tempted to go with an all metal one instead of the metal/plastic for the sake of longevity. Am I deluding myself or is there no appreciable difference between the two types?

Find a quality aftermarket radiator that fits your vehicle at the lowest cost, take care of the cooling system after it’s replaced, and the radiator will last longer than the rest of the vehicle.


Either one will work, but if you had the plastic tank to begin with, your new one will probably fit better if it is the same. Radiators don’t last longer than your original one did. After ten years, there aren’t any sure things with radiators.

My 1994 Nissan is on it’s 3rd radiator, the original one lasted 60,000 miles (replaced under warranty), the next one, also a Nissan lasted 50,000 miles and was wrecked by DEXCOOL. On my other cars, any replacement rad has lasted as long as the original. Just buy a new after market one from a good shop.

The key point, as others point out, is to take good care of the cooling system.

I had replaced a radiator on a 1994 camry (had two of those cars) and I went to Autozone. Then I had toyota replace it or should I say install it. The radiator went out at 165K (short of looking at my records). I sold the car at 200K so I’m not sure how the car is doing. also, I think the top was metal but I’m not sure (the new one)

How long do you really think your car has left? It is already 15 years+ old which is excellent service life(kudo’s to you and or previous owner). I would go with the least expensive model and call it a day.

It now has about 183,000 miles on it and has a lot of life left. It always passes emissions testing with flying colors, uses no oil, and is extremely dependable and comfortable for long trips. I’m hoping for another 100K. This is the original radiator so it was about time for it to go. Thanks for all the suggestions.