Keep the Subaru Forester or the Nissan Versa?

I have to get rid of one, but which?

Both have power packages.

The facts:

2006 Subaru Forester

139K miles

paid for

recently had some brake work, otherwise in good condition

2008 Nissan Versa hatchback


owe $5500

been something of a lemon the entire time (had to replace motors for windows and locks, trouble with check engine light revealing no problems, sometimes uses more oil than would be reasonable, has had regular maintenance though)

Pros of keeping Sub:

-heated seats make me happy

-jogging stroller, car seat and baby all fit nicely with groceries and other nonsense

-all wheel drive for WNY snow belt driving

Cons of keeping Sub:

-will likely not get what I owe on Nissan, would get more than what I owe if I sell Subaru

-worse gas mileage (although I work at home and don’t actually drive much, the Nissan was purchased when I was driving all over the county everyday for work)

Pros of keeping Nissan:

-sell Subaru for more than what I owe on Nissan, leaving a little left over for whatever

-better gas mileage

Cons of keeping Nissan:

-stroller, baby and groceries don’t fit all that well. They fit, but its annoying.

which car would you keep?

Which do you like?

We can’t really tell you. You tell us you like the heated seats. I like mine, but I really don’t care much about them, more often than not, I don’t turn them on. My wife on the other hand turns hers on at about 68?.

I like the subaru, but I owe money on the nissan…if i sell the subaru I can pay off the nissan and have extra left over. If I sell the nissan, I likely will not get enough to pay it off.

One has much higher mileage, does that matter? One has had problems, does that matter? This is what I was hoping someone could help me with.

If you feel there is an advantage to awd and need to go to one car, trade/sell both and get one newer Forester, or other more economical awd car (RAV). It sounds like you “like” the Forester better for your needs. Otherwise, from an economical and longevity point of view, the Nissan is the one to keep. Is economy worth the trade over preference, safety and function ?

I hadn’t even considered selling both!! That’s an idea I like…pay off the one, have enough for something with less miles.

The problem is…you know what you have and are at the mercy of the next second hand car’s maintenance even if it has “fewer” miles. But I feel it’s worth investigating.

A 1.8S with only an auto transmission is worth about $7000 in a private sale. A 1.8SL with auto is worth about $8500. You can dump it at a bargain price and still make money on it. Why do you think you can’t even get $5500 for the Versa?

Well, I guess I don’t see people paying $5500 for a car that has 75K miles and was only $15K to start with. Its in good shape, but its really nothing exciting…

Put it on Craigslist for sale, at a higher price point, and see what offers you get.


It would make a great college car, don’t sell it short. It’s just their style with plenty of life left. It’s worth it if it looks good. Make it shine and clean it up well !