Buying a Car

I will be looking to buy a car in March. My two requirements are that I can fit a wheelchair in the back and that the car get better gas milage that I currently am getting(15/mpg).I don’t want a minivan.

Thanks You.

15 mpg shouldn’t be hard to beat. There are MANY vehicles out there that will meet your requirements. I suggest you check out Consumer Reports Magazine for reliability ratings before you decide.

Have fun shopping.

Is it a folding wheelchair, or a fixed, electric wheelchair?
That’s going to make a huge difference.


I don’t think it’s electric, otherwise they wouldn’t be asking about a car and not wanting a minivan, as the minivan would be the perfect vehicle, once modified, to fit the electric wheelchair.

So, that leaves us with fixed or folding. If fixed, a car based crossover SUV would fit the bill, and some will get 30mpg highway, or close to it. Though a sedan will make it easier to traverse for the wheelchair occupant. Most mid to full sized sedans should fit a folding wheelchair in the trunk with little problem.

Manufacturers are disguising minivans. The ford flex is one attempt.

Take a look at the Chevrolet Equinox with the 4-cyl engine. You’ll get 22 MPG city and 32 MPG highway mileage - outstanding for a SUV. Prices start a little under $23,000.