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Buying a car, liability, and foreigners

We have two lovely Swedes who found the perfect car for them to drive around the states for two months. However, we can’t find any insurance company who will accept them, either because they have an international driver’s license(plus a Swedish one)and not one from the States or because they don’t have six months residence here. Any help??? Please??? Do you know anyone who has done this in the past four years? We need help. Thanks.

I would suggest talking to your local car rental and lease companies. They often have special rates for that kind of use. It likely will be a bit more expensive, but if you shop around, you may find something reasonable. Talk to them about insurance as well as the car.

I would forget buying a car for only two months worth of driving. This is what car rental companies are for.

Internet says "AIG International Services can insure you with your foreign driver’s license and your overseas driving experience is taken into consideration. The rates would be similar to a U.S. driver and are very competitive. They can also help you get approved for a credit card, mobile phones, auto leasing, banking etc.

You may want to review their website at or call them at 877-708-6995. Get a free quote at 888-737-3916. " wiki