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Buying 2007 mustang. Towel on tubes in trunk

I was looking at a 2007 ford Mustang earlier today and I noticed that when looking in the trunk I saw a bit of a towel sticking put from beind the fabric. The towel was laying on some tubes on the left side of the wall of the trunk. Do you know what the tubes are and or why there could be a towel laying on them.

To soak up fluid from a small leak in the flux capacitor cooling system? Or maybe it was just a towel thrown into the trunk. Convienient place to stash a spare towel? Silence a rattle? With out a picture or seeing it myself that’s the best I can do.

“some tubes on the left side of the wall of the trunk.”

As was already stated, without a photograph, this is a curious reference.
Are you referring to small diameter rubber hoses, or is this a reference to something else?

OP wants an owner of 07 mustang to look in trunk. Website with thousands of readers might get lucky

Perhaps “tubes” means wire bundles ?

The fuel filler is on the right side of the trunk and the filler pipes are behind the felt trunk liner on that side. Are those the “tubes” you write about? Does the towel smell like gasoline? Is it wet?
–writes the owner of a 2007 Mustang–

Can you post a photo?
Without one, I can only guess that they were part of the interplanetary warp-drive nuclear reactor cooling system. Sorry, no disrespect intended, it just sounded funny in my head. :smiley:

No new mustangs ( only a 96 ) in our shop today or I’d go look.
The fuel filler neck is the only thing I can think of back there.

The OP was physically looking at a vehicle and could not think to find a live person to ask what is this.

The only tubes I can think of might be fuel feed or vapor return lines related to the gas tank.

As for the towel; maybe someone discovered a liquid or vapor leak and the towel was used to try to smother the smell.

Oh good Lord! A towel to soak up gas fumes? Now there’s a disaster waiting to happen!
Naw, can’t be. Nobody can be that dumb.

I’ll bet someone just stashed their hand wiping rag in that corner.

You are probably correct, Ken, but I still want to know about those…tubes…

the same mountainbike: “Oh good Lord! A towel to soak up gas fumes? Now there’s a disaster waiting to happen!
Naw, can’t be. Nobody can be that dumb”.
Yes they can be!

Sarge, I wish I could argue with you. :frowning:

Still none in the shop yet ( that’s a good sign ) but this is after all , pickup country.
Flipping through parts diagrams I see the fuel filler there. . . and . . . maybe . . if it’s a convertable . . a drain tube in each rear corner.


Well, The Tubes was a '70’s band that went mainstream in the early '80’s with memorable hits like “She’s a Beauty”, “Talk To Ya Later”, and “Don’t Want to Wait Anymore” (see CD: “The Completion Backward Principle”), but unless you heard music when you opened the trunk, I doubt it was them in there.

So I’m going to guess some plastic extension tubes from a wet vac and a rag that were both used to clean up the vehicle for sale. I think if there was gas on that rag you probably would’ve smelled it locked in that confined space…

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