is it ok to keep driving your vehicle - '98 chevy blazer - if the bushings are shot?

Is it one of the Texas Bushings? If so just keep driving.

I promise that Rod Knox’s reply makes perfect sense to me and gave me a chuckle.

The problem with your question is that there are lots of different bushings on a vehicle. You’re going to need to get quite specific about which bushings.

Good stuff, Rod Knox.

In all seriousness, which bushings are bad? That will determine if the vehicle is safe to drive. I can’t even think of any commonly failed bushings on that vehicle, although anything’s possible on a thirteen year old truck.


The bushings for the door hindge pins fail quite a bit.

Very true. I was thinking of chassis bushings. Worn hinge pin bushings should be replaced for sanity reasons, if nothing else. I couldn’t deal with sagging doors on a daily basis.

That’s The Only Thing That’s Shot On A 12 Or 13 Year-Old Blazer, Just Some Bushings ?

This is what comes with being “the original SUV”.