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Bushings on an '05 Ford Escape

The mechanic says I need new “bushings” on my '05 Ford Escape with 70K miles on it. It will cost $500. I never heard of bushings. Any information?

The word “bushings” in and of itself can mean many parts ( not just automotive ), we’ll need more info as to where on the car or what problem you’re having. For example, a _? bushing. ( an A arm bushing, a sway bar bushing ? )

A bushing is used between two moving parts when only a limited amount of movement does not reqiure a bearing.
For example your front suspension arms only move up and down a bit…bushings are used there. Rear suspension too. Sway bars, Door hinges, even inside the engine.
A bit more complex bushing will be rubber within an inner and outer metal sleeve.

Think of a sleeve or collar inside the item to be mounted, through which the attaching bolt goes to hold it. If any wear occurs it’s not the main component nor the bolt that wears, it’s just the bushing.

Please describe a bit more what the mechanic said or wrote down as to which bushings are needed. You may not know car parts or systems but use the words that he/she used and we’ll take it from there.

I’ll get more information. Thank you.

It might help too if you described why you brough the car to the mechanioc. Were there any strange noises?