Bushing Noise Poo-poo'd by Trusted Mechanic

I visiting my regular mechanic for a noise in my 2000 Hyundai Elantra wagon that was identified as a right front wheel bearing (making a low hum). Around the time it was fixed, I also noticed a slight “groaning” sound coming from the right side (towards the rear)of the car. After the mechanic drove in the car with me a short distance andheard the sound, he said it was a rear bushing and that it wasn’t worth replacing in a nine year old car over 100,000 miles. He also told me it wouldn’t be a safety issue or generally affect the performance of the car. Will it eventually cause problems?

A dry bushing will wear out faster than one that has free movement. Didn’t he offer to lube the bushings with a silicone spray to at least get rid of the groaning noise? That would have at least confirmed if that’s actually the problem.


Thanks for the answer. No, he didn’t offer to lube or investigate further. The car had been on the lift earlier in the day when he investitgated the noise that was diagnosed as the right wheel bearing (he examined the car and exhaust system, which got high marks. He made his diagnosis for the bushing by listening during our brief drive, and offered no additional recommendations.