Burning smell

Hi all, hope you had a nice holiday! I sometimes get a burning smell from the engine compartment. I’ve been over the engine, checked the fluids, oil is misting around the valve cover bolts but I can’t see anything else. Engine is well taken care of and runs like a clock. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!

PS it’s an 98 MPV with a 3.0 ltr engine

“Oil is misting around the valve cover bolts.”

Misting? I don’t know what that means but it just might be the source of the burning smell.

Oil should not “mist” around the valve cover bolts.

Can you actually see an oil mist in the air around these bolts?

Thanks for answering, I am probably saying it wrong. When I said misting around the bolts I meant I can see oil (seeping?) around the valve cover gasket. Not weeping oil but a light coating around the edge of the cover. The truck has 98k. It sometimes smells like when my old eclipse burned some wiring. Not a real strong burning rubber smell but it’s there. I was thinking the blower motor for the heater.

Make sure that a plastic bag has not gotten stuck to the exhaust, it happens all the time

All it takes is a couple drops hitting exhaust or heat shield every 5-10 minutes of driving.
My 97 rav4 does this but only uses half a quart every 3000 mi, not worth messing with to me.