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Burning oil 2003 yukon xl

My Yukon XL 2500 8.1 seems to be using a lot of oil. I have checked very well for any leaks but have not found any.It’s been using about 1 Qt per month maybe more. The check engine light has recently come on and it turned out to be the mass airflow sensor that went bad, not sure if that is related to oil usage.

A faulty mass air flow sensor won’t be a contributing factor of oil consumption.

A quart a month? If this equates to a quart every thousand miles, it’s considered as normal oil consumption by most vehicle manufacturers.


What do you tow with this Yukon? Mileage per month? Vehicle mileage?

Haven’t towed anything yet but I’ve only had it for 3 1/2 months. Avg monthly miles about 550. Current mileage on it is 94000 miles thks

If that is a quart in 550 miles, that is too much. It would use a quart of oil for each fill up! So you have added 3 or 3 more of oil since you got it?

Maybe a long shot - but - check the PCV valve. When working properly, it relieves blow by pressure in the crankcase and routes the gases into the combustion cycle. When the PCV valve is stuck, oil gets pushed through the valve guides and burnt. When you remove it, you can shake it and if you hear a rattle in all probability it’s good.

Don’t believe it would cause a CEL if bad.

The reason I asked what you towed is because I am totally mystified as to why people buy this truck with an 8.1L engine that slurps up fuel like there’s no tomorrow, if they DON’T tow.

Besides that, some vehicles burn a bit of oil when under heavy loads as opposed to running empty.

Not to be dissin’ you, but that truck gets such poor fuel mileage GM is ashamed to say what it gets. (At least on this sites ‘Research’ link anyway)

I like trucks like a lot of people and have an '02 Tahoe 5.3L with a 3.73 rear end ratio.

I don’t use this as a daily driver (our gas price is up to $1.20 per liter now, about $4.85 per gal.) as I bought it only to tow my 21’ travel trailer.
The mileage towing with this one is 13 1/2 mpg.

Even at your gas price x 550 miles per month adds up to one hefty pile of coin just to tool around, but that’s your choice.

That aside, your engine should not be burning oil (like JEM suggested) UNLESS there is a problem. 97k miles is not a lot for this vehicle.

I have 147k miles on mine and I never have to add oil to top it up between changes (every 3k miles). That includes time towing the trailer. I was quite (pleasantly) surprised whenever I checked the oil level.

Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones.

As far as your engine burning oil, I would take the truck to a reputable independent (or dealer if you have one you know you can trust) tech/shop and have a cylinder compression test done.

Checking the EGR valve for proper operation may be a thought. JMHO tho.