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Burning "4 quarts" of oil a day?

Usually, the automotive-related lies/fibs/exaggerations that people tell are in regard to gas mileage (drastically overstating their actual mpgs) or travel time (drastically understating how long it takes them to drive from point A to point B), but the OP’s friend has apparently found a new automotive topic about which to lie.

I have no idea about WHY somebody would lie like that, but the bottom line is that the guy is lying.
If he was really burning through 4 qts of oil per day, then his garage would have to look like a warehouse for oil containers.

If this guy doesn’t have cases of motor oil stacked up to the ceiling–and if his recycling container isn’t filled to the brim with empty oil containers–that provides the evidence that the OP’s friend is a liar.

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very unlikely story. With that much oil consumption, who needs gasoline?


That is an outrageous amount of oil!! I had a Sonata that went through a quart every 700 or so miles and I ended up getting a free new engine from Hyundai (cause it was on a recall list)

 He uses 4 qts. every 25 miles????  Some info on this needs to be clarified...........what's this 2500 miles stuff.  Get the facts of the situation correct

cause 4 qts. must just run right out of his truck within minutes. If this is true, problem would be obvious (crack or hole in engine block).

  Hard to help without clearer description of problem.

4 quarts in 2500 miles is one quart every 625 miles, close to the oil consumption of your much newer Hyundai. The repair on the Dodge probably won’t involve an engine replacement unless it has been driven with no oil.

The claim is 400 quarts in 2,500 miles, not 4.

The posting said accord every 25 miles!

A quart every 25 miles did not say 2500, was not clear

you make a bad witness…read again POs original post

It is implausible that the engine consumed 4 quarts of oil the day it reaches 2500 miles since each oil change, it is likely that it runs out of oil after 2500 miles. The claim of consuming 4 quarts in one day is a tale.

year ago my friend told me he had a 1966 ford falcons he drove from his home town to atlanta georgia about 210 miles and he said he use 32 quarts of oils.

I’m wondering what the original OP’s friend had been smoking or drinking when he made that statement.

I’m smelling a big pile of troll excrement.

@familyguy This thread was Troll fiction from the start. Why would you even add to it?

Was he pouring the oil in the gas tank?

32 quarts of oil in 210 miles is a might excessive on the oil use. But I do recall seeing cars on the road in those days of pre-emissions testing yore that looked more like rolling chimneys. I’m talking a lot, a huge amount, of really thick black smoke coming out of the tailpipe as the car rolls down the road through town at 25 mph. Now-a-days I never see that. 32 quarts in 210 miles … what’s that? About 7 miles per quart? Even with a huge cloud of black smoke, that does seem a little far fetched, but possible maybe.

What are you doing?


All I can say is that in over 60 years I’ve never ever had anybody tell me something wrong, exaggerate, or even lie. I believe everything everyone has told me-ever. Um, except . . .:grin:

Each of us? I’m watching television, there is a Bogart film coming on in ten minutes.

My question was directed SPECIFICALLY at George

I thought he would take the hint and answer WHY he’s keeping this totally debunked discussion alive

We already concluded that the 4qts/day oil consumption was a complete fabrication, with absolutely no basis in reality

That’s burning half as much oil as gasoline. Quite a smoke cloud. If he isn’t being pulled over regularly, perhaps he should be.