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Burning "4 quarts" of oil a day?

My buddy has been telling me that his 2000 dodge Dakota v8 sport is burning 4 quarts of oil a day. Note that he only drives roughly 25 miles a day. The truck is claimed to have no oil leak whatsoever and this happens around 2500 miles after every oil change. Anybody have any input about this? I find it very hard to believe. Thanks in advance.

I’m sure it’s feasible, but would probably incur a lot of smoke.

Blown rings can cause oil consumption. If it is that bad, I would thinkhe will likely clog up his catalytic converter soon.

He claims it does not smoke and does not suffocate from clogging at all.

Your heading says leaking-your post says burning-and then something about this happens about 2500 miles after oil change. A little clearer picture of what is actually happening would be nice.

a Dodge v8 likely only holds 5 - 6 quarts of oil (I’m not exactly sure on that one.)

If he is adding that much a day, there are only a few reasons:
-burning it (leaky rings)
-he’s grossly overfilling it.

I apologize. The truck is claimed to be Burning 4 quarts of oil a day. It is also claimed to have no leaks whatsoever. It is only driven about 25 miles a day.

Check the pcv valve, regular oil changes? Let it go on new cat in the future.

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Yes it is changed every 5,000 miles and this has been occurring for the last 40,000 miles halfway into every oil change. I think the truth is stretched a bit with him…

I’m sorry but maybe your friend needs to post because this is a waste of your time. There has to be real facts before decent recommendations can be made.

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You are exactly right. Thanks. I’m pretty sure he is stretching the truth out a bit.

This claim is rather unbelievable. You can burn 4 quarts a day on a cross country trip in an oil burning car. Burning 4 quarts in 25 miles will either plug up the cat or create a lot of smolke. I suspect it’s a bad leak that only shows up while driving, and leaves no tell tale on the driveway.

Never believe outrageous claims, but take them with a shovel full of salt!

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The symptom is indeed unusual. Ray and Tom would have said “Doesn’t anybody screen these posts?!!” … lol …

But I suppose something like that could happen. Since it doesn’t burn oil like that all the time though, when it starts something must be sticking or jamming in an askew position or something. Like the piston rings, esp the oil-control rings, or the pcv valve, something like that. Good idea to verify the coolant doesn’t have oil getting in it. I presume the owner would have already noticed that though. Some engines have a coolant-based oil cooler which can fail and allow the oil and coolant to mix.

OP, you didn’t say how much smoke is coming out the tailpipe when this happens. Do you know?

The only possible way I could comprehend losing 4 quarts every 25 miles would be if a main seal were blown and the oil were being pushed out by the crankcase pressure. It may not be “leaking” in the garage, but with the engine running it would be. Cylinder wear would allow a lot more pressure to be generated during driving than when idling, so it could be leaking badly while driving but not badly while idling in the garage.

That’s a lotta oil! If the “facts” are accurate, something is seriously wrong. My guess is a blown main seal.

He says no smoke at all. Thanks everyone for the knowledge of this. He said nothing about the coolant but I’ll ask.

If what your friend says is true (very doubtful), he would be an idiot not to change his oil every 2500 miles.

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That indeed seems a pragmatic solution :slight_smile:

How does the truck run? Check engine light on? Rough idle? If the truck has the 5.2 or 5.9 engine, it can suck oil up into the intake tract through the bottom pan of the intake manifold. This can result in rapid oil consumption.

I doubt 4 quarts in one day though.

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As asemaster stated the belly pan under the intake plenum is likely leaking but this doesn’t begin at the 2500 mile mark, that is probably when he runs out of oil and needs to add 4 quarts.

I don’t buy this story at all. If your friend has been spending $20 per day on oil for the last 40,000 miles, he could have bought a new engine (or even a new car) for that money. I also can’t believe that for the last 40,000 miles that he’s stopped every six miles to add a quart of oil.

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Your friend is “pulling your leg.” How do I know? I once owned the worse oil burner on the planet…A 1963 Corvair Spyder. It could go 25 miles on a quart of oil quite easily.