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Burned-out running lamps on GM vehicles?

What’s up about all the burned out running lamps on ALL GM vehicles? 90 to 95% of all vehicles I see with a left or right side running lamp burned out are GM vehicles and it doesn’t seem to matter what year they are - old or new?

I asked the same question it just seems to be more common on GM vehicles.

Why is so hard to understand that GM has had DRL across the entire production for years . Many brands still don’t have DRL to need the bulbs replaced.

Someone brought this up some years ago and it’s something I never really dwelled on at the time. Once brought to my attention I’ve noticed that GM lamps are out in droves no matter the make or model. Not so much for other makes. Got one out on my Sonoma the other day so that’s the next chore.

I have posted this before, so bear with me, the non working lights have been associated with an overheated and fried connector in my experience. The connector still works, but thinking there is a heat buildup that causes the bulb to fail prematurely.

GM for many years used the regular headlights as DRL’s so that puts a lot of wear on the bulbs even if they were only lit at 75% brightness for the DRL . The best thing to have happened is using LEDS for the DRL’s now . You will probably see less of this on their newer cars with LED DRL’s .

What the Hell is DRL and is that an excuse why all GM brands have failed bulbs? One would think that after 20 -30 years of bulb failures that some GM engineer would be smart enough to question this absurdity!

DRL - Daylight Running Lights .

It would be nice if bulbs lasted 20 to 30 years, I suspect that you are looking at neglected 10 to 20 year old vehicles.

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Well just to add my two cents worth. My right headlight was out on my Pontiac so I went down and bought a set of Silverstars for $50 and put them in both sides. A week later my right headlight was out again. I went down and bought another set of Silverstars for $50 thinking it was a quirk. When I went to change the right one first, I discovered the bulb was still good but not making good contact. I cleaned the socket and bent the pin a little and put it back together and went down and bought a new socket for when it went out again. It’s been about 9 months now and still have the new socket and new bulbs hanging above my work bench. Just waiting.