Bumpy stop when applying brakes AFTER self-adjuster cable replacement

The cable replacement was done on Saturday a.m. (VERY COLD day), short drive home,no problem. I did not drive again until this morning (Monday), also very cold (17 F). Went downhill, stopped at light, THUNK! and bounce as I stopped. Accelerate steadily up long gradual hill, stop at top of hill, THUNK! bounce again. Turn left, go down hill into parking garage so dead slow, Philadelphia glide through to turn left to my stop, turn left and park. I am a bit scared of this, and really need my car for work.

I would re-phrase your post to simply “Bumpy stop after rear brake work” and when asked what type of rear brake work explain that one of the self adjusting cables had to be replaced. Since this cable is second in order of the hardware piled up on that top post, the springs had to be removed and the shoes moved around,sounds like they did not get all reassembled correct.

Now you are not talking about the parking brake cables are you (some people say emergency brake)?

I had the strong impression that yes it was the emergency brake cable, but it was certainly the self-adjusting brake cable, right rear, that if it’s broken then the vehicle doesn’t pass inspection. No further trouble this evening. Thanks.