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Is this 'really' and indication of brake shoe replacement?

Looks like I am going to discuss drum brakes for a while.

2006 Sentra 1.8S Special Edition

After I stop and pull the hand brake, the car goes in either direction (depending on the slope) and feels like it is getting stuck in the gear. Shouldn’t it stay where it is if the parking brake is working?

I have not noticed anything obvious with the rear brakes (only front at the moment that I discussed on another thread).

I am going to drop the car off to the mechanic next week. I am considering getting my own parts as he usually gets Carquest stuff (easy to access for him). I am considering Raybestos, supposedly better than rest of the crop (according to the web, pls correct me if I am wrong). Hence all these questions.

Thanks in advance.



Sorry, totally forgot. Edited the OP

Sounds like an emergency brake adjustment is needed, not necessarily anything wrong with the brake shoes.


The only time I ever use my parking brake is when I’m parking on a hill. In the winter they can freeze up and then you really have a problem. But yeah have it adjusted and/or check the self-adjusters. Usually adjust when backing and applying the brakes.

That is not a good idea. If the parts are faulty he does not have to warranty them. And you will pay to have them removed plus labor for the new ones.

Some shops operate with customers being allowed to supply their own parts. If the OP has a place that does that, good for him.

If a customer at my work wants to provide his own parts we politely say “No thank you” and refuse the job.

Thank you, everyone.

Parking brakes are more apt to freeze when you occasionally use them. Use them regulary helps to keep them from freezing.


So when you park your car and the parking brakes and cables are wet, what happens when the temp drops to below freezing?

So if it’s raining out you won’t use the parking brake if stopped on a steep hill for fear of freezing.

I’ve never had a brake line freeze. I use my parking brakes all the time.


In Michigan I have experienced that if you use your parking brakes routinely they don’t normally malfunction. If you never use them, then never use them. If I am in someone else’s car I will never use them unless I know for sure that they regularly use them.

I started out driving 55 years ago, owning Volkswagen Type 1s for years and religiously used the parking brakes.

I agree and I have never used parking brakes on any automatic I’ve owned since the early 70s. It’s never been a problem. All that extra brake hardware I bought with the cars is just a waste of money.

I’ll probably take flak saying that I should use the parking brake or that I must never park on hills, etcetera…
… But, please save the advice for somebody else. I’m not using them, ever.