Bumper repair after aftermarket splitter


My car has a aftermarket body kit fitted consisting of Skirts, rear valance and front splitter.

I noticed that the front splitter has been misaligned when fitted. After further inspection I discovered that the holes made for the bolts to mount it were not drilled in locafions specified on the splitter, thus making it difficult to replace the splitter if it becomes broken on the road as I wouldnt know where to drill.

I would like some advice on what I can do to repair the holes in my plastic bumper. I was thinking of a filler for plastic body work.
I was then hoping to purchase a new splitter and re drill my bumper with holes in the correct locations specified on the splitter. So I can be satisfied with knowing it is correct.
Would the new holes I make be strong enough it a bolt was to go into some of the fiiller?

They make fender/over sized flat washers.

Use these on the backside of bumper when mounting the splitter to cover the larger/ oblong holes made in the bumper.



You can’t use body filler or fiberglass on a bumper. The is a bumper repair kit with filler available at places that sell auto body supplies tha will stick and be flexible. Like j b weld, maybe the same stuff but flexible. Need to paint it if on the outside, or reinforce it if a mounting hole.