Bumper Face Bar Vs. Bumper

So recently I was in am accident and am replacing my bumper. I looked online and found bumper face bars and bumpers which one do I need? Is there a difference ? Are they interchangeable? Can I have one without the other? Thankyou in advance.

C’mon, man, give us a break. Give us a clue what kind of vehicle we’re describing here. The year, make, model, and submodel (TRD, LX, of whatever). The mind readers are on a different forum.

Sorry, 1999 mazda b2500 SE

Sometimes it’s difficult to get on the same page when it comes to parts (especially with body parts) as the terminology can vary from person to person or from one part of the country to another.

I’ve seen bumper face bars referred to as both the external part of the bumper you actually see and also as the unseen backing plate to which the external bumper is attached.
In some cases the bumper plates may refer to 2 pieces (one on each side) that attach the external bumper to the chassis of the car.

In my world a bumper plate is what a bumper attaches to and the bumper is the part you see and which gets hit first in a collision.
In some cases the external bumper is referred to as a valance or front valance to confuse it a bit more.

Sorry I can’t be precise in answering your question.

Go to your local Mazda dealer, and ask them what the parts are. I really can’t tell. I can’t see the truck from here.

It is probably a Ranger. Contact after market parts and see what they have to offer. It could be just a bolt on. The problem will be the rust over time so a shop might have to do it for you.

Stop by the local dealer and request of the parts guy an “exploded view” drawing of the bumper installation. That’ll give you a real good idea what you’re likely to need and Mazda’s nomenclatures for the parts. I say “likely” because once you get the bumper off you may find underlying damage. There usually is.

Since you have a pickup the face bar would be the chrome/painted bar that you can see. The “bumper” could be the assembly with brackets, etc or the face bar, its kind of vague.
Typically the assembly would be described as such.

The bumper face bar is the metal part of the bumper with slots that allows the plastic decorative pieces to snap into.