Bump in the trunk?


My 1997 Audi Quantra 6 has just started felling like somthing in the trunk area is bumping at stops and starts. It doesn’t do it very often like when the mechanic is driving the car( twice ) but today it did it several times. Any ideas?

Is there something in the trunk, or under the trunk floor, that might be shifting around?

Rear struts and suspension parts use rubber grommets where they are bolted to frame.
Check bolts to make sure they are tight and rubber for wear witch can let parts move when you start and stop.

Empty your trunk and then test. I once had a customer in a VW Beetle complain about a rattle in the right front of the vehicle. I drove it 20 feet, opened the glove box and pulled out a handful of lugnuts out of the glovebox. Problem solved.