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Belly pan repair?

The belly pan on my AUDI A4 is loose and causing a clattering, rattling noise. I looked under the car and it looks like all of the screws are missing…

Can I fix this myself?

I saw that a lot of places online sell the screws but pricing was a bit confusing and I wanted to make sure it’s something I can fix myself.

Any tips and insight is greatly appreciated.

WARNING: I am a total philistine when it comes to auto mechanics. I’d rather not pay the big bucks for a pro to fix this, but if it’s the only way to go then so be it.


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Screws? If you are talking about the bottom plastic wind foil, I’d be surprised if they used screws. Usually its those plastic plugs that insert and then a middle part that you just push in to expand the prongs on the plug. Really need to consult the parts diagram to get the right ones to use. Other than that its a matter of crawling under and matching the holes up. Might want to just get them from an Audi dealer. Even at a parts store they are fairly expensive.

It’s called a “skid plate” or a “splash pan”. Have you had your oil changed at a quickie lube lately? I’ve read that the splash pans need to be removed on these car to change the oil, an jiffy lubes don’t allow enough time to put them back up.

Here’s a link to what the fasteners look like. Put your endice over each photo and it’ll show you which are for the Audi panels. You can pick up some new ones dirt-cheap at the dealer, or find a similar one at any parts store in bubble packs.

Not knowing anything about your skillset or cleverness… I have heard that the belly pans are installed with 1/4 turn types of fasteners that tend to get broken and lost by ham-fisted oil change guys. It doesn’t take an ASE certified mechanic to re-install one, so order the parts and give it a try. Buy extras, I hear these things fall out… a lot.

Mustang, in the Air Force we used to call the metal version of these “cam locks”.

I’ve generally known those fittings as Dzus fasteners.

I have also always referred to them as “cam locks”.

I’d forgotten that term, OK4450, because it’s been so many years, but that was another common term in the AF. Probably more common than cam locks. Thanks for making me remember.

Suggest you remove one of those screws or fasteners that remain, count how many you need, and take it to your local auto parts place. If the staff there is car-knowledgeable, they’ll know what to do.

It’s highly unlikely (as in no way) the OP is going to find Dzus fasteners at any auto parts or hardware store.

They will be a dealer or boneyard item OR possibly could find them on the cheap from an aircraft salvage or something of that nature.

The OP could look up The Yard Store in Wichita, KS on the internet and fire off an email to them about some Dzus fasteners. They’re a tool and aircraft salvage and may have them. Many years ago I bought a Dzus tool from them so my assumption is they may have Dzus fasteners out in the hardware building. It’s sold by the pound at something like 2-3 bucks a pound and they ship also.

Just something for consideration if the Audi dealer wants 50 bucks a pop for them…

I’ve got a couple of boxes of Dzus fasteners in one of my tool boxes and I’d gladly send some for free to the OP but they’re probably way too small for the Audi. These are used on T-38 Talons.

I have no doubt that the OP can find the correct fasteners at his dealers parts window for a very small investment.

Thanks mountainbike for the memories. We called them “cam locks” as well but I also remember them as “Dzus fasteners” at testing time.

Carolyn…the heading above my comments section shows all B’s and it won’t let me use the bold function.

Camloc brand name fastener;,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNGv94ZfhJeeKsqzElW4Msg-CDCH7A&ust=1462630975600057

And the classic Dzus fastener,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNHPBrvmAzcHY4cFxPpIQvuKRa0ljg&ust=1462631068336413

They look more like Camlocs to me but I’m sure Audi has their own design.

The one Audi uses is in the link I provided.
I’d paste a picture, but it isn’t working yet.

There are 8 screws used on my Honda Fit. They would be easy to replace if lost and the cover would be easy to re-fasten, although maneuvering underneath can only be done if the front is raised. If your car requires something other than screws, check ebay. They are a good source for things like that.

Check this link out