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Bump, bump and more bumps

I have been taking my vehicles to a very reputable mechanic for several years. For almost 1 year now my 2001 Windstar has been in and out of the repair shop ( for weeks at a time) for a vibration that is quite noticeable from about 30/35 mph on up. It feels like a tire that is not balanced properly. My mechanic has tried replacing the axles, both front and rear, struts, tried different tires, wheels and balancing several more times. They have had the best transmission shop in town drive my vehicle and give their opinion. They have tried their other two shops in town to see if they could find something. They have even stated that they have talked with a Ford representative. I am at my wits end and so are they, they do not have a solution. Driving this vehicle for any distance is a downright miserable experience. The vehicle is in excellent condition except for the vibration. Can you help?

I’m quite sure that your shop would prefer that you contact the site moderators and have their name & phone # removed from this board.

I don’t know how odd this will sound but how old are the rear brake drums? I have never had this problem myself but I can recall one very lengthy thread on these boards about a completely elusive vibration - just about everything was tried (as it seems has been done on your case) and it turned out to be the drums - a bit out of round and off balance I assume.

Believe it or not my mechanic tried that in the very beginning. It’s been so long I just forgot about it.

Just wondering, if you knew this would end up where it is now (this has got to be expensive) would you have pressed this issue so far? It seems you have good people on the job. Just one suggestion, “Motor” magazine has a DVD that contains the answer to lots and lots of odd,difficult type problems. I conclude that you now have the time.They put out this feature every month and eventually compile them, real interesting reading.

Was this van ever in a major accident?

I have to assume that the alignment has been checked in the middle of all of this - ? I’d also have to assume that wheel bearings have been checked and re-checked. Is there noise that comes with this vibration? Is there anything other than dropping under 30/35 that changes it? Describe the vibrations and its conditions better.

What exactly did the transmission shop do with it and why were they consulted? Was this to find out whether or not you had torque converter clutch shudder?

Not that I know about.