95 Windstar Front end vibration

I just bought a 95 Windstar it runs fine except for when I drive the van on long trips. The front end will intermitantly vibrate like the front end is out of alginment. When the vibration starts if I slow down alittle it will stop. This is starting to drive me crazy. I have crawled under the van and I save not seen anything wrong under there.

Thanks Y’all for all the help.


You can’t spot the cause of a vibration by crawling under the car. Vibration can be caused by: out of round or unbalanced tires, worn suspension/steering components, poor quality tires that wear unevenly due to differing hardness of the rubber.

First I would have the tire balance & wear checked and the front end inspected at a reputable shop. Please let us know what the shop concludes, then we can advise you further.