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2017 Buick LaCrosse transmission question

Do you notice that the transmission is not real smooth. It lurches and at times the car feels rough on the roll and during slow downs. The other day, I made a U-turn and it felt like I got hit from the back. I think the trans slipped. This car should drive like a Cadilac.

Tell that to the dealer’s service writer when you bring the car that’s still under warranty back to the dealership for this complaint. If they tell you, “They all do that” make them prove it by taking you for a drive in another 2017 LaCrosse. Other wise make them fix it.

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Did it do it during the prepurchase test drive?

I didn’t test drive it before I bought it. I had one of their other new 2017 that I drove while my old car was in for service.

Thank you very much. I pray it’s not a lemon.


If it really IS a lemon, there are laws to protect you. Look online to find out what the laws are in your state. Un-fixable problems are usually one of the reasons for buy-backs. Good Luck!

I dunno, but you have a what 50-70K drive train warranty so that should take care of it. I rented a Buick Encore and didn’t notice any unusual transmission issues or harsh shifting like in the Jeep, but not sure if the same transmission is used. Ins’t that a new 6 speed or something? So a new design, coupled with probably a 4 cyl. turbo that has to wind out a little for a shift change. They might need to do some programming of the computer a little later on. At any rate, check that the fluid is at the proper level, report it to the dealer so they can check it, and you have a few years to go if any problems occur. 30,000 mile fluid changes though.

Definitely take it in, as others have said. Although some cars feel a little “grabby” when you make a tight turn, what you describe is far worse, so it doesn’t sound right to me.

One thing you must ABSOLUTELY do in case this is a Lemon is to obtain documentation. This means a copy of a repair order at the dealer stating your complaint and what if anything was done to rectify the problem.

It will take multiple visits more than likely. Do NOT leave without a copy of the repair order. None of this verbal “we checked it and it’s fine” bunk as that will not mean anything with a Lemon claim. Paper trail, paper trail.

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I shoulda got a mustang



I started getting “Service Transmission” error messages in my 2017 Lacrosse at 26,000 miles. The dealer was unable to diagnose the problem, even with help from GM. Transmission problems continued to occur intermittently, including multiple error messages and rough shifting at low speeds. Finally, at over 68,000 miles, the transmission failed completely while the car was at the dealer. The solution was to replace the electronic transmission control module, an expensive repair. The car has since worked perfectly for the last 1200 miles.
Unfortunately, General Motors refused to honor the bumper to bumper warranty even though the problem first occurred below 30,000 miles and it took GM over 40,000 miles to solve the problem. They also claimed that this wasn’t a transmission repair, so they said it wasn’t covered in the powertrain warranty. They ended up covering 60% of the cost, which was better than nothing, but they did not do the honest thing and completely honor the warranty.